Sunday, October 30, 2016


In politics, character assassination is common. You have to destroy one’s credibility and reputation to gain support from the people.
But the opponents of Tun M are keeping on assassinating his character in stupid ways.
1. Moral assassination
Of course Tun is very clean (unlike Bill Clinton, remember Monica Lewinsky?). So what they can do is diverting the issue of RM2.6 billion and trying to connect it with Tun. As claimed by Najib and his idiots, Tun left no money for UMNO. Hence, it is necessary for them to borrow some amount of money for THE PARTY. We are no stupid Malaysians. If this is true, where is the proof? Any trail of money transferred to his account when he left office? Any shares of any sort under any corporation of which he is the shareholders? Unlike 1MDB, paper trails are everywhere. SHOW US THE PROOF!
If the allegations made are true, what Pak Lah was doing when he tookover? He never highlighted this issue. Was he that “sleepy’ enough that he didn’t even noticed? Come on! We are no schoolchildren. You have to do better than that to explain on money swindling made by Najib and Jho Low.
Croynism, nepotism, whatever. It has been sold to people decades ago. Again, show us the proof.
2. Playing racial card and blame it on Tun.
These idiots are playing racial cards to make UMNO supporters go against Tun. They made it such a big highlight that Tun is going down to the extent of combining efforts with DAP to oust Najib. Playing with Malay sentiments; never ever work with other racial parties. Hello, didn’t you guys realize that UMNO is also working with MCA and MIC? And what harm does it do?
And when Tun is doing the same, its all wrong. Only a bunch of idiots don’t have political strategies.
One objective in common – we want Najib and his idiots out. We want to combat corruption for the sake of the country. We combine with whoever is the enemy of UMNO and BN to make this happen. “THE ENEMY OF YOUR ENEMY IS YOUR FRIEND” – remember that tagline and never ever underestimate the voice of the people! Be scared – as advised by KJ to the UMNOs
3. Malaysians, please forget Penang Bridge, Proton, KL Tower, KLCC, KLIA, Putrajaya, Sepang Circuit and many more…oh yes, please also forget the 1998 financial crisis and Tun’s brilliant move by implementing ringgit peg against US dollars. And just forget about what Tun has done during Bosnia war and his bravery to openly critic the Jews at the international arena. And what is the current govt doing about helping Syria??
We were proud before and we can walked with our head held up high during Tun’s era. But now, we cant even lift our head. Shameful, powerless, weak…
Yes, Malaysia is still under international highlight – but on a different limelight : corruption, corruption, corruption. And don’t forget 1MDB and WHO IS THAT MO1???? Malaysians are now becoming a laughingstock!
Najib, you are taking away everything from us. But you can never make Malaysians forget Tun Mahathir’s name, his legacies and how he has led us to Malaysia’s greatest heights.
And don’t forget….that old 91 years old man is born A FIGHTER, still alive and breathing…he will not stop and will continue on fighting. And we will keep on fighting with him…. And yes, please be really scared…
“No one cared when you were doing nothing. If they now criticize, ridicule, & character assassinate you means you’re doing something great...”
― Assegid Habtewold

post by Izan Idris

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